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Legally Mom? But How?

You have a baby? Wow, when did you have him? Weren’t you still in school? How did you survive?
Yes. April 26, 2016. Yup. That’s a good question, I’ll let you know when I figure out the answer.

That’s the usual reaction I get in one form or another when people find out I am a law student with an infant.

Forewarning, this will be a long wordy, sometimes over sharing entry. I figured I should give y’all some background as my first post. So here’s how I ended up at the end of my 2L year with a 10 month old without completely losing my mind (at least most days).

When my husband and I started discussing having a baby we knew that having one while I was still in law school was a crazy, difficult, and just down right dumb idea, but neither one of us wanted to wait another 3 years before starting our family. Mike especially wanted to have our first child before he turned 30 (which he will be turning in April of this year just before B turns 1).

The intention was to plan things out where I would have him at the beginning of the summer leaving me the entire 3 months as a “maternity leave” to recover and bond and adapt to being a new mother.


Anyone who has a child or experience with children is currently laughing at my naivety I know.

B had other plans straight from the beginning. Leave it to me to get pregnant the very first day Mike finally joined me in Lubbock after being in training for the first 2 months of our marriage. (He left a day after we returned from our honeymoon). My due date was set for May 2. Right smack in the middle of finals. Of course. Well my hopes were that I’d follow the statistics and go past my due date moving the last of my finals up a week, have B right after them and all would be well.


I ended up getting diagnosed with gestational diabetes, a story for another time, which threw all of my hopes and plans for having him after finals completely out the window.

At 35-36 weeks I found out I would have to be induced. So I rearranged my finals schedule postponing everything by a week giving me as much time as possible to recover.

I ended up having to be induced at 39 weeks due to the GD and had B on April 26.

Exactly one week later I was back at school to do my oral argument for LP. It’s a good thing Professor Jones is a kind man. He let me know that as long as I showed up and put whatever effort I could manage into it I would be ok. It was not a pretty oral argument, but I survived somehow.

Finals. Oh dear lord finals. I took my first final 13 days after I had B. I can’t even remember how little I studied for my finals. I can tell you it was barely anything. Much, much less than what I wish I could have or should have studied. My GPA tanked, but I managed to skate by on my finals to continue on to another semester.

Turns out it is possible to have a baby while in law school. Barely, but if you’re determined and stubborn enough it can happen.

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